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Book Review: Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Title: The Secret Garden
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Length: 298, Kindle Book
Genre: Classic, Children’s book
Rating: 4 Folded Pages

When spoiled child Mary Lennox loses her family to a cholera outbreak, she moves to her uncle’s manor surrounded by a massive garden. Within, Mary discovers a whole new outlook on life thanks to a supportive household and the garden’s power of healing.

Funny how the first review after my Unpopular Opinion: Classics goes out is, well, a classic. And although it’s a classic, I did really enjoy it.

It was very hard to get through the first 50 pages or so. It was all exposition and passive voice. I hated that. But I pushed through and once Mary Lennox started doing things instead of having things done to her, it became much more interesting.

I remember, vaguely, being read this in third grade. I remember the wheelchair and the big reveal quite differently than it actually happens. My third grade mind made a much bigger deal of it all and I see why it’s labeled as a children’s book. I actually really enjoyed being able to remember bits and pieces of how I thought it as a child. It gave me a very interesting viewpoint to compare it against.

Still I just can’t give it 5 folded pages. It was too slow for my liking and overall not a lot happens. It’s interesting and still kept my attention but I could only read it in bouts of 20 minutes or so.

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