My Bookshelves

My Bookshelves!!

Last night, in a sudden burst of “OMG my shelves look awful” I reorganized my books. I actually don’t have a lot because I won’t keep books if I don’t like them. Which means my books don’t even take up an entire bookcase but I digress. All of the books I own and have read are on these shelves So here is a look.


My very top shelf is books from my Great Grandmother and Analog Science Fiction Literary Magazine from 2011 to now (also from my great grandmother. She passed away about year ago and I like to keep things from her close. Even the Fox is from her house. She was a great reader and would read just about anything she could get her hands on. The only books of hers that I have that aren’t here are the writing books she gave me which are, of course, with my other writing books.


Here are my hardcovers and my smaller books. The one “Book” lying flat is actually a memory box with a really nice saying on it. Sadly it’s SUPER tall so it’s hard to display so I don’t really have a choice of whether or not to put it lying down or not. I’m currently lending out Homeland and Saint Anything. I didn’t want Saint Anything’s dust jacket to get ruined which is why it’s sitting there.


The bulk of my books. So much Young Adult dystopian/fantasy. But I guess my likes are obvious. I thought it extremely ironic that I put my croissant pen on top of Anna and the French Kiss. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do. ๐Ÿ˜€ Also don’t mind my little cousin (who is know much bigger than that) doing weird things in the photo.


There’s actually a mostly empty shelf above this one so I didn’t feel like showing it off. Here is my language stuff. On the far left are my Korean books. I’ve been teaching myself for quite some time and can read it and understand a little. Then my Korean CDs. Precious works of art those are. Every one comes with a photobook, signed cards, and other cool things taht American CDs just don’t. It makes them expensive but worth buying the CD instead of just downloading the MP3 albums. And then my writing books. I thought it only fitting that my Korean/English dictionary be the bridge between the both sides. I’m big fan of obvious symbolism if you couldn’t tell.


Last but not least, my misfits. These are mostly old textbooks I’m hanging onto for a friend who might be taking the class, cookbooks, and books I’m not sure of. There’s also the Emergency car care thing my dad gave me. He said since I like reading so much I should read that for future reference (let it be known that all he got was a pointed look and he smiled and waltzed out of my room).

There’s my bookshelves. I hoped you enjoyed this most probably boring (though fun for me) post. I’ll probably post update pictures once all the books in my TBR pile (there is a post about this tomorrow look out for it!!) are read and put somewhere on my shelves.


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