fun fact friday

Fun Fact Friday [1]

Welcome to the newest series on my blog! Fun Fact Friday!! I want to give my wonderful followers a chance to know me better (and for me to know you better) so welcome!!!

fun fact friday

This new series will occur every Friday and will feature, well, Fun Facts about me in case you didn’t guess it from the title. πŸ˜› At the end I will also pose a question or questions to you guys that will relate to my fun fact so I can get to know you better.

This is someone similar to my unpop opinion series but I think the main difference is that it will just be random things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bookish. Feel free to suggest things you want to know as well!

This week’s Fun Fact: How I keep my TBR books and currently reading

Generally speaking, I don’t keep my TBR books on my shelves. Instead they are all stacked on (one of many) nightstands next to my bed like so:

wpid-20150720_185237.jpgI’ve been debating this series for a little while now so this picture is a little outdated but you get the idea. It keeps my TBR of owned books quite low which is nice. I don’t like owning books I haven’t read. I want my library to reflect what I’ve read rather than what I plan to read. It’s just a me thing.

My currently reading books are kept in a similar fashion but on the other side of my bed.


Also a rather outdated picture as I’ve finished all of these. But you get the idea. My room is an organized chaos and I definitely enjoy it. I love seeing the TBR pile slowly diminish by moving to the currently reading and then the read pile (my shelves).

Do you have a special way you keep your TBR, Currently Reading, and Read books?Β 

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