fun fact friday

Fun Fact Friday [2]

Welcome to the newest series on my blog! Fun Fact Friday!! I want to give my wonderful followers a chance to know me better (and for me to know you better) so welcome!!!

fun fact friday

This new series will occur every Friday and will feature Fun Facts about me. At the end I will also pose a question or questions to you guys that will relate to my fun fact so I can get to know you better. Feel free join Fun Fact Friday on your own blog and post a link below!!

This week’s Fun Fact: I am a casual gamer

My little brother likes to teasingly call me a casual whenever we discuss video games. While he prefers hardcore and challenging games like Dungeon Defenders, Dota 2, and League of Legends, I prefer RPGs and simulations like Kingdom Hearts, Civilization V, and the Dragon Age series. I also dabble in the occasional visual novel though not very often. Even with the few games I play I always try to make sure there is an easy mode (though never sandbox that’s just boring) because if it’s too challenging to me it’s not fun.

The thing about casual gaming is that I still consider myself a gamer (though many don’t) and I enjoy being a gamer. I enjoy trying out new casual games and find what I like and dislike. Sometimes that means spending an exorbitant amount of money on a game I hate but I think with any hobby that can be an issue.

The other thing about casual gaming is that in general since I game casually I don’t feel the pressure to keep up to date or to beat games. I enjoy just playing when the mood strikes. For me the game is less about skill and more about the story and the characters at in in RPGs. In simulation gaming is about building the story and characters myself. One of the reasons I love and play The Sims franchise. I’ve being playing The Sims since the first game came and have played every installation of it since (though I’m extremely disappointed with The Sims 4). In The Sims you create, design, and manage your own characters. You can create entire stories for them. Simblr (Sim tumblrs) dedicate hours to creating complicated stories using The Sims. The same cannot be said of “hardcore” games.

The Dragon Age series is has intricate plot and the outcome changes depending on your choices in the game. Even the beginning changes depending on what race, gender, and class you choose. You can befriend your companions or romance them. Most of the characters can be romanced by either gender and while it still has a long way to go it’s very progressive as far as video games go.

This post has become a mini-rant because although I love being a casual gamer I often have to prove myself as such. Casuals tend to be looked down on in the gaming community. But the whole point of being a casual is that I don’t give a shit about the gaming community.

On another note, I think the games I love so much I love because they are similar to books for me. They provide a different reality that I can immerse myself in for hours. I can create the reality in simulation games (like I do when I write my own stories/books) or I can lose myself in the reality someone else has created.

Do you play video games? Have you thought about getting into them if you don’t? What kind of games do you prefer?

8 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday [2]”

  1. I actually love video games! My job is so crazy that I only get to play obsessively in chucks on time, usually when I am on vacation or the weekend.
    I started with an XBOX and still sing the praises of Halo. I don’t care what everyone else says about Call of Duty!
    I like RPGS too! Fable, Skyrim, Knights of the Old Republic…
    I have too many games to list! I like playing Starcraft on the computer with and against my husband.
    Thanks for this post! I love geeking out over games.


  2. I love playing games, they are usually the reason I mostly read when I’m out of home. I’m mostly into RPG’s and action. On my top favorite are Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed (well not the 3rd one and not Unity although that one had some nice Paris exploring thing going on), all the Witchers, Batman Arkham and Asylum, Bastion. Cyvilization is also awesome, but it’s a time stealer. I’m starting to play and a mission later it’s already evening 😛


    1. Lol! Civ is definitely consuming. Unfortunately I prefer PC gaming and Skyrim is not meant for it so I can’t seem to get into that game. I’m also not fond of first person games. They tend to give me headaches. Weird, huh? I’m glad we share an interest in RPGs!!


      1. Are you kidding me? I play only on PC an Skyrim shouldn’t even exist on consoles. With PC you have all of those awesome mods you can add to it that make your game perfect. And the first person is optional. I sometimes use it there if I have to shoot someone who’s far away but I don’t like first person either. Although Bioshock and Borderlands are really good.


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