fun fact friday

Fun Fact Friday [5]

fun fact friday

This series occurs every Friday and will feature Fun Facts about me. At the end I will also pose a question or questions to you guys that will relate to my fun fact so I can get to know you better. Feel free join Fun Fact Friday on your own blog and post a link below!! Or just answer in the comments. 🙂

This week’s Fun Fact: What I do to “find a happy place”

With everything that’s been happening at work, I’ve been in need of mood boosters. AKA, something that can create a happy place for me. Lots of times that books, but you can’t really do that quickly or while in the midst of working. I also turn to music and Korean dramas sometimes.

I mean seriously how can anyone be unhappy watching these two???
I mean seriously how can anyone be unhappy watching these two???

But even those take a little too long. Which is why I’m going to share the thing that makes me insta happy. Legitimately I can’t even think of this thing without a slight smile being brought to my face and watching it (even though I’ve seen it thousands of times) still makes me literally laugh out loud.

First a little background info. SHINee is a South Korean boy band who debuted in 2008. I have been a fan since I discovered them in 2009 and they are the reason I’m so invested in South Korean pop culture. One of the longest running jokes about the group (good naturedly of course) is Minho’s dibidibidis rap. It’s in two of their songs and it’s what he used to feature on variety shows when asked to show his talent.

The video below is a clip from Korea’s Saturday Night Live with the 3 of the 5 members actively poking fun at themselves with this song. I legitimately lose my shit when I see this and even if others don’t quite find the joy I do from it I wanted to share. Plus it may provide you guys with a happy place as well. 🙂

This whole skit is amazing. But this is my absolute favorite part. During the whole of the Ill Brothers skit, SHINee continually makes fun of their own songs and I think it’s one of the best things. Recently when I’m at work and need to restore my mood quickly, I watch this a few times (usually just the unsubbed 30 second clip) to boost my mood and I’m almost as good as new. Much quicker than dramas, books, or music.

How do you find your happy place quickly? Do you have any standbys that instantly make you happy? Share with us and maybe you could help others find their insta happy.


10 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday [5]”

  1. OMG YOU WATCHED SCHOOL 2013. YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE EVER. I just love the main boys and their relationship. HNNGG. Bromance at its best tbh. I haven’t found a K-drama I liked for a while, though. That makes me sad face a little.


    1. Lee Jong Suk has been my fave actor since his super tiny role in Secret Garden. And yea I’ve been having trouble with newer dramas. Mostly I rewatch all the old ones I loved. School 2013 is my absolute fave. Their bromance is perf because it’s irl too. It always makes me happy. 🙂


      1. Have you seen I can hear your voice? He was so perfect in it! the heroine is also such a breath of fresh air from the usual trope.


  2. My one friend is obsessed with SHINee so I recognize that name but I never got into K-pop myself. I was always more of a J-pop kind-of girl myself 😉 well not so much now

    My happy place is just reading a book. I get really antsy when I haven’t had a chance to sit down longer than an hour in a couple of days to read. Eating chocolate or ice cream also makes me happy 😛

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