fun fact friday

Fun Fact Friday [6]

fun fact friday

This series occurs every Friday and will feature Fun Facts about me. At the end I will also pose a question or questions to you guys that will relate to my fun fact so I can get to know you better. Feel free join Fun Fact Friday on your own blog and post a link below!! Or just answer in the comments. 🙂

This week’s Fun Fact: I’m really superstitious about selective things.

I think everyone has their own weird things that they follow for no reason. Mine tend to err on the superstitious side. But I only follow certain ones. Here are the ones I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Opening an umbrella indoors (My luck is bad enough as it is. I won’t do anything to worsen it)
  • Being around a mirror in the complete dark (IE Bloody Mary *shivers* too many day camp situations to make me want to even attempt being in a pitch black room with a mirror)
  • Putting any part of my body over the edge of my bed (something or someone will inevitably grab me. No thank)
  • I have to have one dream catcher by the head of my bed and one by the window. (My grandfather said that in order for the bad dream to go away you have to have a way for it to get out of the window so this is the perfect set up.)
  • Going along with the above, I believe (pretty heavily) in the meaning of dreams/dream symbols. I swear my dreams have told me to break up with boyfriends when the relationship wasn’t healthy among other things.
  • Knocking on wood/jinxing things (if I have high hopes for something and voice those hopes I have to knock on wood.)
  • I check my horoscope pretty religiously and most times it’s pretty accurate. I known its vague and too broad to really mean anything but it makes me feel better when it predicts good things.

On top of this superstitions (and I feel within in same train of thought), are the few religious beliefs I cling to. I consider myself atheist. But there are a few things from varied religions that I do tend to follow. The biggest being Karma. I try not to bring bad karma my way and to comfort myself when people are being rude I say they have bad karma heading toward them.

I also ALWAYS say god bless you when someone sneezes. I understand that it’s not everyone’s religion. And the superstition it stems from is old and most don’t believe it, but I find it impolite to not say it. I wish there was some other phrase I could say that would help because I have qualms with saying god bless you automatically since not everyone believe in god and I certainly don’t.

These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head but I’m sure there’s more. For some reason, I can be highly superstitious even though I know it doesn’t really matter. Still I guess holding onto these things helps people feel better.

Do you have any weird superstitions or beliefs that you follow for no apparent reason? 

12 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday [6]”

  1. Not really no. I am not superstitious in general. My wife is a bit however! She was raised in the Phillipines so a lot of the standard things like breaking mirrors and ghosts and the like are things she believes in. Oh and Karma. BIG believer in Karma.

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      1. Whats funny is the number of villains in media with the name Clayton, and the number of cities. But no heroes named Clayton 😦


      2. I do Call Center work. My personal favorite mishearing of my name was when they went from Clay…to Steve.

        Still no idea how that one worked out.


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