100 followers acheivement
Thank you

100 Followers! Thank you so much!!

100 followers acheivement

When I saw this little achievement pop up I just had to make a post! I can’t believe it honestly and I’m super duper excited 100 people like my reviews enough to follow me.

excited 11

First I want to thank my 100th follower: Aneta at Inspire Script!! I just checked out her blog and she looks amazing. I followed and you should too!

Second, I want to thank every one else who followed. My 5 months blogging here wouldn’t be nearly as special if it were for all of you. I mean it. Blogging has been such an amazing experience and I’m so happy to be here writing about what I love.

excited blondie

Third, You guys are the absolute best!

pointy jong suk

Fourth, did I mention how exciting this is?? How excited I am?? Okay I’m done babbling. Thank you all again!!!! :DD

excited tao

excited kevin


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