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Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

the martian

Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Publisher: Broadway Books
Length: 387, Paperback
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 5 Folded Pages

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars.

Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first person to die there.

After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he’s alive—and even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive.

Chances are, though, he won’t have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment, or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to kill him first.

But Mark isn’t ready to give up yet. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills—and a relentless, dogged refusal to quit—he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next. Will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him?

I finally read this book after seeing so many rave reviews. I was worried that the hype was more than the book deserved but after reading it I can safely say it probably needs more hype. I’m not sure I’ve ever said that about a book but no one I know in real life had even heard of the book until the movie.

I think most people’s biggest problem with the book was the information dumps it has frequently but I actually really enjoyed those parts. It was written as if Watney was recording his life on Mars for when someone found it long after he was gone and I think a real scientist would have done just as many info dumps so people would know how he survived.

The writing was simple and easy to understand for a science fiction novel. I went into it expecting to have to struggle through a lot of science verbiage that I’d have to look up but that wasn’t the case at all. It was nice. Sci-fi books tend to be a bit intimidating for me because I am awful at science. The Martian doesn’t let that happen.

I do think it had some slower parts but they didn’t last long and the whole novel was intense and suspenseful so the slower parts were a nice breather. I don’t read a lot of suspense filled novels so I enjoyed the bits where it wasn’t so suspenseful.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir”

  1. Yay! More love for The Martian. I love this book 🙂 I want to take time to read it again so I can enjoy it without the anxiety about whether Mark will be ok!
    I finally got to see the film last Friday. It’s good, as a film in its own right. The book is better 🙂

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