Sorry! I know I’ve been kind of MIA

So I know I haven’t exactly been around lately posting or commenting and I’m super sorry for that. I’m at this weird in between period where I’m not really reading (thanks reading slump. Not.) but I’m also not doing much of anything that could be reviewed. 

I’m still getting used to my job and starting to catch up on my bills so I can’t really go anywhere or do much. I do plan on eventually reviewing Chicago neighborhoods since I want to check them out to move into but I can’t do that for a while yet unfortunately. 

I also have not been doing well with NaNoWriMo. I hit a huge block with my main story so I switched to a side story to get words in at least and have hit a block there as well. I was starting to hate writing so I just stopped writing instead. 

Either way, I’m not sure what to post. I’ve been hopscotching across different things. I might post some video game reviews and Korean drama reviews but I’m not sure.

Sorry I’ve been so absent!! As part of an apology have some amazing pictures I took with my new phone and hopefully I’ll be posting reviews again soon. 😀


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