Wrap Up/TBR

February 2016 Wrap up and March TBR

feb 2016 wrap up

This is much later than usual and I’m sorry! I went on vacation for 10 days in the beginning of March and everything was so hectic I didn’t have a chance to make this post. But better late than never. February was a pretty fab month for reading. I didn’t read a lot but everything I read was GREAT.

February Wrap Up

Books Rated 5 Folded Pages:
Books Rated 4-4.5 Folded Pages:
Books Rated 3-3.5 Folded Pages:
Books Rated 2-2.5 Folded Pages:
  • None!
Books Rated 1-1.5 Folded Pages:
  • None!!
Books I’ve given up on (when I get 5 books total I’ll make another DNF post):

Total books for January: 7 (9 if you count my DNFs)

March To Be Read

This is a VERY loose TBR. In that, this is kind of what I’m planning on reading soon but in no means will go out of my way to read right now. I don’t want to feel pressured to read.

I finished exactly 1 thing on last month’s TBR and honestly I think even that is a bit of a feat.

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