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Unpopular Opinion: Tropes [6]

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I’ve decided to bring back this series! I’ve missed interacting with people on my blog and I think my Unpopular Opinion series is a good way to start more interaction!

Today’s topic is Tropes. Specifically tropes I LOVE but a lot of people seem to hate.

Side Romance

I’m the kind of person who really enjoys romance. I romanticize everything and I have a hard time consuming media that doesn’t have at least a little bit of romance in it. I’ve noticed recently a lot of people are sick of romance in stories especially if the main plot of the book isn’t romance. I personally really enjoy when my science fiction, fantasy, and/or mystery books have a side plot of romance.

Female Characters Obsessed with Books and/or Nerdy Things

A lot of female characters recently are obsessed with books or nerdy things. Personally I really enjoy this. It’s nice to have relatable female characters. Sure the field is saturated with them right now but it’ll die out soon and I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Hate to Love Relationship

Even if I know hate to love relationships/romances aren’t realistic and can sometimes be extremely unhealthy in how they are presented, I shamelessly love them. It’s one of my favorite things about watching Korean dramas and I get giddy every time I’m reading a novel and that sort of relationship is presented.

Various Love Interests

This is a little different. I think most people describe it as a love triangle but triangles infer person a likes person b, person b likes person c and person c likes person a. I enjoy plots with various love interests for the main character if only because it makes it interesting and more true to life. Most people don’t find one person and stay with them forever. YA has a hard time with this. Various love interests tend to turn into wishy-washy protagnists wondering if they should be with this person or that person. But various love interests can be done well and right. I want to see more of this trope if only in hopes that an author soon will do it justice.

What tropes do you love but everyone else seems to hate? Do you disagree with any of the tropes I love? Start a discussion below. I want to know your thoughts on the matter. Am I the only one who has these opinions?

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