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Let’s Talk Bookish: BookTube!

It’s Friday so it’s time to have a discussion! Let’s Talk Bookish is hosted by Eternity Books and Literary Lion. You can find March’s prompts here.


I recently started a booktube, as I’ve been longing to for ages and it made me think – if you blog and booktube why do you do both? If you only blog why have you chosen blogging over booktubing? Do you think one format does certain things better than the other? Do you ever want to run a booktube if you don’t already?

Do I Have a BookTube and Why or Why Not?

Years ago, when I first started this blog, I had really wanted to start a booktube. I didn’t really read blogs but I consumed booktube like it was air. But knowing myself, I’m much better with writing words than I am with filming myself and editing it. To be honest, I loathe making videos of myself. I used to live and breathe making Anime Music Videos but every time I’ve tried to start my own YouTube it peters out since filming and video editing isn’t for me.

BookTubing vs Blogging

I think both have their pros and cons. For me, it’s much easier to watch a video than to read a blog so I tend to watch more BookTube. However, I think blogs allow you to go more in depth. Each platform has their own kind of book content that is hard to cross over to the other. It’s also easier for me to get to know and like the person behind the content in BookTube since the platform better lends itself to seeing them. It takes longer to know people who blog but I think the relationships you build with other bloggers are essential to the feeling of community around blogging and you don’t get that kind of personalized community with BookTube. Both platforms have their place though and I love both.

Do I Ever Want to Run a BookTube?

Since I love YouTube so much, I want to say yes, but if I’m being honest I know running a BookTube just isn’t for me. I’d have to have someone else do all the editing for me to get any real start and that’s not probable until I have a pretty decent audience and revenue stream.

That’s it for today’s Let’s Talk Bookish! Do you want to run a BookTube? Link your LTB below or answer the prompts in the comments. 😀

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: BookTube!

  1. Great post Felicia, and welcome to LTB!! I’m so glad you’re participating 🙂
    I also agree that it’s probably easier to feel more instantly connected with a BookTuber since you can see and hear their personality right away, while it takes a while to get to know a blogger since it’s through words. But I also think that that’s what makes the book blogging community so close since you really spend a lot of time reading their content and interacting with them through comments. Personally, I much prefer book blogging because words are an easier way for me to express myself.

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