My experience using Second Life

My most recent experience using a Multi User Virtual Environment (MUVE) was in undergrad. I got a writing certificate in writing for online interactive media and one of the courses revolved around using Second Life professionally and for expanding the writing experience.

In the class, we had to explore Second Life and find a professional organization to research in the game. We did videos on how Second Life was being used to promote an organization or company as well as write pieces about our experience using Second Life.

It was an interesting experience but personally I did not enjoy it. I found Second Life to be empty compared to the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games I was playing. Most places seemed abandoned and it was hard to find active organizations within in the community. Second Life was also released in 2003 and graphically it doesn’t compare to the current standard of virtual spaces. It feels dated and clunky.

However, I can see how Second Life could be very advantageous for libraries. On top of researching places within Second Life, we also held class in Second Life. The class was an online course so we never met in person. But we did all have to meet in our “classroom” Online for a session and it was very interesting. It made the class, my professor, and the other students feel more real. I think this could be useful in a library setting.

This could allow patrons to “attend” an event online if they can’t otherwise reach the library provided it’s not a craft event. But a virtual book club in Second Life could help people who have no way to get to the library feel like a part of the community.


My experience using social media

I’ve used almost all of the most popular social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. By far the ones I use most frequently and find the most useful are Twitter and Facebook.

I like Facebook for connecting with friends and family. It’s an easy way to stay up to date with them as well as let them know how I’m doing. For example, my grandma and I went to New York City a few weeks again and instead of having to text or call several people so they knew we were alright, we just updated Facebook and everyone who would be worried could see it.

When I was more active on this blog, I also had a Facebook page created for it so that people could see there when I had made a new review. It was very helpful in making sure readers who don’t normally use WordPress that often could see when I made posts.

I use Twitter in a completely different way. I almost exclusively only follow organizations, authors, reviewers, and other professionals on Twitter. It’s where I stay updated on world events and what my favorite creators are doing. I don’t really follow people I know in real life on Twitter.

As with Facebook, I had posts automatically go to Twitter when I was more active as a review blogger. It let more people see my posts and helped my blog gain a bigger audience. Twitter also helped connect me with authors as a reviewer. Twitter allowed one of my favorite authors, Gail Carriger, to contact me and ask me to review an advanced reader copy of one of her upcoming novellas.

Both of these social medias would be very useful in a library setting for the same reason I had blog posts automatically post to both Twitter and Facebook. It’d allow the library to reach a bigger audience since these two social media have the biggest user base. If the library has a blog it could automatically post to both and let the patrons know what’s going on more quickly then periodically checking the blog.

Even without the blog aspect, it’d be easier in general to reach patrons via Twitter and Facebook since people regularly check both. These social networks help the library give updates on events that are happening, library news, and anything else the library may want to convey to their patrons. Like how the official IUPUI Twitter used it to update students that the Summer Session I semester is officially over.

twitter example

Both of these social networks are extremely useful both professionally and personally. It’s hard for any organization or company to survive without a presence on both.

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Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2016

For those of you who don’t know, I am an avid video game watcher and player. I enjoy both aspects especially since I’m not necessarily good at video games.


Games Done Quick hosts two 7 day, 24 hour live streams a year to raise money for charity. Basically people speed run games and those who watch donate money just to donate to the cause or to “bid” on certain perks. For example, in the Awesome Games Done Quick (basically the Winter marathon), during the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix speed run people could donate money to bid on what Disney song they wanted to be sung. It was a really fun bid.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 is currently going on. It’s running from July 3rd-July 9th and all donations go to Doctors Without Borders. You can also order the official SGDQ 2016 t-shirts and $3 will go towards Doctors Without Borders. I already bought my SGDQ shirt and I can’t wait to see the bids that come up throughout the week to figure out when I want to donate.

This awesome event is put on and the speed runners don’t get any money, they do it just to have fun and raise money. It’s a great event that I want to bring attention to.

Humble Bundle has also joined and has a special bundle that will benefit Doctors Without Borders and features a few popular games as long as you pay at least $15.

As a side note, I think I might start expanding my blog to talk about books, video games, and music.


Book Review: Coming in from the Cold by Sarina Bowen


Title: Coming in from the Cold
Author: Sarina Bowen
Publisher: Rennie Road Books;
Length: 246 Pages, Ebook
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4.5 Folded Pages

Warning: This book is not for those under 18 since it includes explicit scenes.

He can’t have her. And he can’t tell anyone why.

Ski racer Dane “Danger” Hollister does not do relationships, though he keeps his reason a secret. The real-life curse he’s inherited from his mother will eventually cost him everything: his place on the Olympic ski team, his endorsement income, and his ability to fly downhill at top speed.

Reluctant country girl Willow Reade meets Dane by accident. Literally. Her skidding truck forces him off the road during a blizzard. Stranded together in his Jeep as night falls, the two loneliest people in Vermont find themselves sharing more than they’d planned. And not just conversation.

Yet neither can guess how their unlikely tryst will threaten Dane’s frightening secret and Willow’s tentative peace with her own choices. Only mutual trust and understanding can end their pain and give them a hard won shot at love.

I was scrolling through Tumblr the other day when I happened to see someone I follow recommend Bowen’s books. I was in the mood for a good new adult-esque romance so I picked this up. It’s currently free on Amazon, as an ebook, so I had nothing to lose.

Willow is very relatable. She’s been given a kind of tough lot in life and she makes do with what she has. She also isn’t annoying and didn’t try forcing herself on Dane. Dane had his moments. Sometimes I really liked him and sometimes I really didn’t. But I think that’s what the author wanted and it made his character more interesting.

The writing was good. I’m not sure why but I tend to expect bad writing in free ebooks. It’s an (unjustified, probably) expectation I go into free ebooks with but I can’t seem to help it. Bowen’s writing, however, is my favorite kind of writing. Just descriptive enough to let you get an image in your mind without being so descriptive that it disrupts the flow of reading.

If I had to say one bad thing about this book, it’s that I don’t quite care for how Bowen builds suspense in it. This is the first book I’ve read by her so maybe it’s just this particular story, but I found it annoying rather than suspenseful.

Either way this book was a super quick read. I finished it the same day I started it and it has definitely put me in the mood for more like it.

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Webcomic Review: Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu


Title: Check, Please!
Author: Ngozi Ukazu
Genre: Comic, Sports, Romance, Queer, Coming of Age
Rating: 4 Folded Pages

Blurb (Taken from the Check, Please! tumblr):
Eric Bittle—former Georgia junior figure skating champion, vlogger extraordinaire, and amateur pâtissier—is starting his freshman year playing hockey at the prestigious Samwell University in Samwell, Massachusetts. And it’s basically nothing like co-ed club hockey back in the South. For one?

There’s checking.

It’s a story about hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best 4 years of your life.

I was scrolling Tumblr a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon one of the frames from this comic. It was a mere 3 hours later that I had completely caught up with the comic and subsequently followed tons of blogs dedicated to Check, Please! I have become a bit obsessed with this cute webcomic and wanted to share it.

Eric “Bitty” Bittle is one of the most adorable and endearing characters I’ve ever encountered. It’s very hard to present a personality in a few quick comic frames but Ngozi does such a wonderful job of it. All the other side characters in Check, Please! also have amazing and decipherable personalities which is such a hard feat to accomplish with such little writing. I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters.

I’d say the main theme of this comic is friendship and growing up. It does have a romance aspect (that I won’t spoil) but the comic truly shines when revealing friendship dynamics and how much the hockey team supports and loves each other.

The art style of the comic is also super cute! I mean, just look at these adorable characters.

Bitty has a Twitter (that’s currently locked so spoilers for the current season don’t get out) and it’s interactive. Transmedia (as made popular by The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) is such an interesting thing to pursue. I love that transmedia is now being used for media other than videos.

The only thing that doesn’t make this a 5 folded pages review is that the series isn’t finished. It’s an ongoing series that mostly follows real-time. I don’t know if I’ll love where the series will go in the future and I’ll probably do an update review whenever it finishes but for now. This comic is AMAZING and I need more people to read it and love it as much as I do.

Here is a “slideshow” that can give a more in-depth description of Check, Please!

Here is the beginning of the comic. Beware you’ll become obsessed. Feel free to gush with me on Tumblr once you are hooked!


Update: April 22, 2016


So I just wanted to give a quick update. I’m moving into my own apartment April 30th!!!!!

excited tao

I’m so excited and I can’t wait to live on my own and be a real, fully functioning adult. But this move means I’ll be pretty absent for the next 2-3 weeks. I won’t have a lot of time for reading let alone writing.

Anyway, I just wanted to give that quick update so I don’t just disappear and hopefully I’ll be back in full force mid May reading tons and writing tons.



Bookcon 2016



I just bought my tickets to Bookcon!! I’m super excited.

For those who don’t know what Bookcon is, basically it’s what it sounds like. A convention for books. They have several authors and writers of various aspects (a guy who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender is going to be there) hold panels and signings and stuff. It’s one of those Cons that moves cities each year and I’m super excited that this year’s Bookcon is going to be in Chicago!!

Anyway, a friend and I are going. I bribed her by buying her ticket because she isn’t really a reader but she says it sounds fun. I’m super excited to see Marissa Meyer and Alexandra Bracken.

I think I might try to read some books from some of the other authors attending before I go.

For anyone interested in who’s going to be there, here‘s the link to the author’s attending so far. I think it will be updated as more join. The schedule also hasn’t been decided yet, so I’m anxiously awaiting that. Hopefully my faves won’t be scheduled for different panels at the same time.

This is actually my first convention which is honestly very sad, but I’m super excited that Bookcon gets to be my first. 😀

Let me know if you’re going maybe we can say hi!! 😀


Update 12/10/15

Hello everyone. It’s been a while. Such a while, that the WordPress interface has changed. It’s taking some getting used to.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick update. I know I have been super absent but my reading slump has been so bad that I didn’t even want to think about reading to be honest.

However, I picked up a book recently (IE Yesterday) and I’m close to finishing it. It’ll probably be the first book I started reading and have actually finished in about 2 months. So yay me!!

I’m not sure if this means I’m back or it was a fluke but I’m hoping to start posting regularly again soon.

Thanks to everyone who has been sticking it out with me. I love you!!!



Sorry! I know I’ve been kind of MIA

So I know I haven’t exactly been around lately posting or commenting and I’m super sorry for that. I’m at this weird in between period where I’m not really reading (thanks reading slump. Not.) but I’m also not doing much of anything that could be reviewed. 

I’m still getting used to my job and starting to catch up on my bills so I can’t really go anywhere or do much. I do plan on eventually reviewing Chicago neighborhoods since I want to check them out to move into but I can’t do that for a while yet unfortunately. 

I also have not been doing well with NaNoWriMo. I hit a huge block with my main story so I switched to a side story to get words in at least and have hit a block there as well. I was starting to hate writing so I just stopped writing instead. 

Either way, I’m not sure what to post. I’ve been hopscotching across different things. I might post some video game reviews and Korean drama reviews but I’m not sure.

Sorry I’ve been so absent!! As part of an apology have some amazing pictures I took with my new phone and hopefully I’ll be posting reviews again soon. 😀



Small personal update

Hey everyone. I just wanted to update and tell you all that I might not post for a few days. I ended up having to go to the ER this morning. Twas not fun. Anyway, it’s just an upper respiratory infection but I don’t have the energy to do much. I’ve also run out of my queued posts. Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting Mon-Fri soon. But I don’t want to publish bad posts because I have a foggy brain from being sick.