Review Rating System

My rating system is folded pages. Because sometimes you just can’t find a bookmark and the book is too good to lose your spot! It’s out of 5. Below are the standards for what I look at in a book and what I generally constitute for each folded page.


  • Characters – relatable? 3D? likeable?
  • Writing – no typos? proper syntax? word flow?
  • Plot – Interesting? novelty? pacing?

5 Folded Pages – Amazing characters, I couldn’t put it down, why can’t I write like this???
4 Folded Pages – Characters were p cool, A few typos still good writing, wow what a story
3 Folded Pages – everything was kinda eh, but none the less I enjoyed it
2 Folded Pages – Um…Maybe it needs a good editor…Still finished it at least
1 Folded Page – Sorry but I legit cannot finish this. :/


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