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Unpopular Opinion: Tropes [6]

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I’ve decided to bring back this series! I’ve missed interacting with people on my blog and I think my Unpopular Opinion series is a good way to start more interaction!

Today’s topic is Tropes. Specifically tropes I LOVE but a lot of people seem to hate.

Side Romance

I’m the kind of person who really enjoys romance. I romanticize everything and I have a hard time consuming media that doesn’t have at least a little bit of romance in it. I’ve noticed recently a lot of people are sick of romance in stories especially if the main plot of the book isn’t romance. I personally really enjoy when my science fiction, fantasy, and/or mystery books have a side plot of romance.

Female Characters Obsessed with Books and/or Nerdy Things

A lot of female characters recently are obsessed with books or nerdy things. Personally I really enjoy this. It’s nice to have relatable female characters. Sure the field is saturated with them right now but it’ll die out soon and I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Hate to Love Relationship

Even if I know hate to love relationships/romances aren’t realistic and can sometimes be extremely unhealthy in how they are presented, I shamelessly love them. It’s one of my favorite things about watching Korean dramas and I get giddy every time I’m reading a novel and that sort of relationship is presented.

Various Love Interests

This is a little different. I think most people describe it as a love triangle but triangles infer person a likes person b, person b likes person c and person c likes person a. I enjoy plots with various love interests for the main character if only because it makes it interesting and more true to life. Most people don’t find one person and stay with them forever. YA has a hard time with this. Various love interests tend to turn into wishy-washy protagnists wondering if they should be with this person or that person. But various love interests can be done well and right. I want to see more of this trope if only in hopes that an author soon will do it justice.

What tropes do you love but everyone else seems to hate? Do you disagree with any of the tropes I love? Start a discussion below. I want to know your thoughts on the matter. Am I the only one who has these opinions?

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Unpopular Opinion: ARCs [5]

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I’ve noticed recently that this month is considered ARC August. In preparation I decided to try using NetGalley for the first time. I have to say I don’t think ARCs are for me.

For those that don’t know, ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. It’s basically a chance for readers to read and review a book before it’s actually published. NetGalley is a new (I think) website that allows publishers to get ARCs to a lot of people via ebook. In the past, ARCs were sent in physical form by the publisher (and sometimes still are).

Onto why I don’t think ARCs are for me. The biggest reason is that I mostly read my Kindle books on the browser version. (read.amazon.com in case any were curious) and much to my dismay I’ve found that ARCs from NetGalley can’t be read in the browser version.You can only read NetGalley ARCs through actually apps like the phone app or on the Kindle itself. I just don’t have time for that.

The other thing, is I HATE having pressure to read. It’s the surest way to get me into a reading slump. The few ARCs I decided to try for from NetGalley have been putting pressure on me like no other. I feel like I have to read the ARCs ASAP so I don’t end up missing the publish date.

I think I might like physical copy ARCs better than ebook copies but I’m not sure I’ll find that out any time soon.

Do you like ARCs? Do you enjoy Netgalley? Start a discussion below. I want to know your thoughts on the matter. Am I the only one who has this opinion?

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Unpopular Opinion: Classics [3]

unpop opinion 3I’m just going to come out and say. I don’t like classics. There. It’s out in the opinion. Everyone breathe. It’s going to be okay. (I’m not sure if I’m saying it more to myself or to others).

I like a few classics. Pride and Prejudice. Jane Eyre. Fahrenheit 451. But for the most part I can’t stand them. They’re hard to read and there’s usually way to much exposition. This is a post inspired by my current attempt to tackle 1984 by George Orwell. I love the premise. It’s totally my kind of thing. But the way it’s written makes me hate it. I may have majored in English but classics will never be my thing. There’s a reason I went the Professional Writing route and not the Literature route.

I feel better having got this off my chest. I think the book community goes on and on about classics and it makes people like me feel a little left out and judged. (Though I’m speaking generally). I don’t quite get The Great Gatsby craze though I didn’t hate the book. And I’ll never be able to get through A Tale of Two Cities fully now that I’m not forced to. (Who am I kidding I didn’t even when I was forced to). Let’s not forget how much I hated To Kill a Mockingbird BOTH times I had to read it. And it’s okay!

Now I throw it to you. Do you like classics? Why do you love them? Why do you dislike them? I’m curious as to what others think of classics or if it’s really just me alone on this island of general dislike.

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Unpopular Opinion: Broken In Books [2]

unpop opinion 2Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series

There is nothing better than buying a brand new book. The pages are perfect, the spine is absolutely pristine, and we can’t forget that new book smell. When it’s in this condition, it’s like the book is waiting in anticipation to be picked up and read. I can’t deny loving to buy new books. I love everything about a new book. However, I don’t exactly want my books to stay that way.

Most people try to keep their books in this pristine condition and more power to them if that’s what they want. But I enjoy a truly battered book. All of my favorite books have the spines broken bringing up those familiar white lines. They have folded pages and corners of spots that I want to keep coming back to. They already have that old book smell you get with library books over 15 years old but my book is only about 7. Books that have been broken in feel like old friends when I pick them up. They are familiar in my hands and they bring me back to the joy (or sorrow, or wonderment) I felt when first picking up the book.

UO2 03

A new book is full of anticipation. Will it be good? Will I like the characters? Will I enjoy this author’s writing style? But a beaten in, old book holds a story you know you love. You can find details you don’t remember, or maybe you’re like me and you tend to skip ahead when the suspense is too much so you’ve missed entire pages.

If my book is pristine on my shelf that means I didn’t love it enough to reread it. It means I don’t keep coming back to that book and I think nothing is sadder than a forgotten book still pristine on my shelf. Sometimes I just haven’t had time yet, or the book is new because my old one fell apart so much that I was no longer able to read it (IE my brand new Harry Potter collection). And sometimes I got the book from the library and just recently picked it up for my own collection. Either way, the books I own will all eventually have broken spines and folded pages and I couldn’t be happier about it.