Podcast Review: Fansplaining


Title: Fainsplaing
Hosts: Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel
Producer: Self-published
Length: Typically an hour
Genre: Education, culture
Rating: 4 Mics

Fansplaining is a podcast about fandom: not a fandom, but fandom and fan culture in general. How are fans making an impact on pop culture? On industry? How has fandom changed over the years? And what truly is the best fanvid ever? Fansplaining features fan, academic, and entertainment industry guests, and it’s hosted by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel. New episodes come out every two weeks.
Taken from the Fansplaining About page

It’s no secret that fandom has been a huge part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. So you can imagine just how jazzed I was when I found out about this podcast. Basically they discuss fandom and fan culture in an academic way. It’s interesting and I enjoy analyzing something I love in an academic way.

Flourish and Elizabeth are great hosts. They have great chemistry and the friendship between them is obvious. They also have great podcast voices. Each voice is distinguishable and they generally speak slowly enough to catch but fast enough to not feel boring.

I love their transitions as well. The music they use is relevant and I’ve found many a good band through the transitions. Also, since it’s a small podcast you don’t have the annoying and/or tired commercials that a lot of podcasts tend to have.

I do think that some of the episodes could be a little more focused. Also, since it is self-produced there are some parts that could be better. There have been some audio issues and sound quality issues that will hopefully be fixed as they become more experienced and get better.

On a better note, both of the hosts have a good sense of humor that keeps the podcast from getting too serious. There have been many times where I laughed outloud. They also transcribe all their episodes if listening to podcasts isn’t for you!

I also have to applaud their interactions with the listeners. I tagged them in a post on my tumblr asking a question and they answered it in the most recent podcast (I’m still stoked Senpai noticed me!!!). They try to get to all the questions they get from fans and I’m super glad that they try to address the topics brought up by their listeners.

Overall, I’m super into this podcast and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Fandom and fan culture is a relatively new topic of study and it’s not very accessible to people who aren’t in the academic world. I’m glad Fansplaining is around to help bridge the gap and allow fans everywhere to think critically about their fandoms and fan culture.

Here are two of my favorite episodes:
Episode 15: ~Fanspeak 
As an English major, my favorite episode would be the one where they talk to a linguist about the language fans use and how it came to be. I’m super interested in how the language fans used developed and the different lexicons of different fandoms. This episode helps explain some aspects.

Episode 4: Buncha Lawyers
This episode is super interesting. One of the biggest topics in fandom is copyright and this episode addresses it. It talks about plagiarism vs copyright infringement and what’s covered under fair use. I think this topic is super interesting especially being a book fandom and how authors typically view fanfiction.

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Podcast Review: Reply All by Gimlet Media

I’ve recently become obsessed with podcasts and I wanted to do a review of my favorite. (I might review others if this goes over well, we’ll see.)


Title: Reply All
Hosts: Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt
Producer: Gimlet Media
Length: Typically 30-40 minutes
Genre: Non-fiction, Technology
Rating: 5 Mics (Folded pages just didn’t quite work for this one)

Summary (Courtesy of the Gimlet Website):
Reply All is a show about the internet, hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman. The show launched in 2014. We publish new episodes on Wednesday nights.

Our show is downloaded around 2 million times per month. If you are new to the show, you can start from the beginning, or try a few of these episodes which we like a lot.

I never used to be one for podcasts (or audiobooks on a related note) but in September a blog I follow on Tumblr recommended this podcast. It was described as a show about the internet and it intrigued me. I listened to about 30 episodes in one sitting. This is my first time doing a podcast review so please me if it’s a little rough.

I think what captivated me first was PJ Vogt’s voice. He has a voice that you kind of want to listen to forever. It’s soothing and smooth. It makes you want to listen. Alex Goldman also has a nice voice but something about PJ’s voice reminds me of Danny from Game Grumps and I also really like his voice.

The chemistry between the two hosts is also great. They play well off each other and you can tell that they are more than just co-hosts to each other. They’re friends and they love what they do. I’m not sure why but I’m always incredibly happy when I listen/read/watch projects by people when you can tell how much they love it.

It only took two episodes to realize the stories they talk about are the kind of stories I want to hear about. So while PJ’s voice captured me and I loved the hosts’ chemistry, their stories are why I’m still obsessed over 4 months later. I think I would consider this is journalistic kind of podcast. They find weird, interesting, funny, romantic, or all of the above stories on the internet and give you a summary mixed in with them interviewing the people who are involved in said stories.

Now, I don’t think it’s any secret that I pretty much live on the internet. There usually isn’t something I haven’t heard of and the amazing thing is that of all the stories they’ve reported in the 56 episodes they have released thus far I have only heard of one. It makes me incredibly happy when there’s a new thing on the internet that can give me new information. The stories are all incredibly unique and they somehow know where to find them.

The music used in the show is also very good. I tend to get the jingles stuck in my head. But I think the feel of the intro music totally matches the theme of the show. With a theme like technology/internet, it’s a feat well accomplished.

I’m not sure my review is really doing this podcast justice. I also don’t really know what else to comment on. So please find a few of my favorite episodes below!

Episode 1: An App Sends A Stranger To Say “I Love You” 
I know it’s a little cliche but this episode is still probably my all time favorite. I think this episode totally encompasses everything this show is about. It’s hilarious, somewhat emotional, and just an interesting story.

Episode 3: We Know What You Did
This one was SUPER interesting. No spoilers, but I learned so much from this. I definitely suggest giving it a listen.

Episode 13: Love is Lies
This is bar far my favorite episode. It was just SO intriguing and you kind of learn the inside on something everyone is curious about but no one (Americans, at least) have so little knowledge about in the general public.